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Research projects

Visiting professor in Iran, July 2016, lecturing on Jerzy Grotowski and Tadeusz Kantor theatre:


Two Polish pillars of the 20th century Western Theatre: Jerzy Grotowski and Tadeusz Kantor

1. Jerzy Grotowski and his concept of the poor theatre.

The significant contribution of Jerzy Grotowski to the world theatre of the 20th century is his method of working with actor which he called the "poor theatre". I am going to discuss artistic and historical origins of his theatre ideas and examine the notion of poor theatre firstly under the aspect of performance structure, secondly as an actor's technique. In addition a final concept of theatre art which he worded as "theatre as vehicle" is investigated as well. The lecture includes presentation of some recordings of performances by Grotowski. In conclusion one poises a question about the weight of his artistic heritage and its abiding bearing on the contemporary theatre.

2. Tadeusz Kantor: and his Dead Class as an example a theatre of cruelty made through correspondence of arts.

 The Antoine Artaud concept of theatre of cruelty developed in Kantor's theatre discloses a powerful impact af theatre art on man as seen in its working of cathartic and transformative nature. My lecture examines the Polish painter-theatre director method of building a sweeping structure of the total theatre work that aims at penetrating and transforming spectator's existence. The research embraces as well the aesthetics of unity of arts used by Kantor to generate a totality of his artistic message. The lecture includes presentationa recording of "Dead Class" as a point of reference for the critical analysis being made.


At University of Art in Teheran, Association of Artists in Isfahan, The Narouz Gallery in Shiraz